Lithuania adopted for the rehabilitation of more than 100 Ukrainian military

Литва приняла на реабилитацию уже более 100 украинских военных

Juozas Olekas

Through the Lithuanian hospitals and a rehabilitation center were more than 100 Ukrainian military. In an interview with the Minister of defence of Lithuania Juozas Olekas.

“Now, I think there are five. But more than a hundred, pretty much since when we started with the end of 2014. And we intend to continue to provide assistance on the basis of our military rehabilitation centre, and some civilian hospitals,” he said.

Note, the wounded ATO soldiers undergo rehabilitation in a modern European center of Druskininkai – the oldest Lithuanian resort, specializing in the treatment of injuries of musculoskeletal system. The rehabilitation course for a month.

Related news: the Cabinet has allocated 2 million UAH for the purchase of special vehicles for transporting the wounded participants of the ATO for rehabilitation

“Part of being treated in hospitals, and at our rehabilitation centre, where we can say that there are quite good opportunities for rehabilitation especially for those who gets injured on the muscular sector,” the Minister said.

Lithuania for two years accepts the Ukrainian military, wounded during the ATO.

The full interview with Juozas Olekas, the read HERE.