LNR separatists were aiming to OSCE members from a vending machine

В ЛНР сепаратист целился в членов ОБСЕ из автомата

Separatist LC threatened the observer

Separatist took the machine off guard and sent him to the observers. He kept the mission in sight about a quarter of an hour.

Members of the OSCE monitoring mission told about the threats from the separatists from LPR. The incident occurred on Monday, August 13, at run time, the OSCE observers of their duties. This is stated in the report of the observers.

At 10:50 SMM patrol consisting of 5 members of the mission on two armored vehicles arrived to a logistics complex on the Western edge of the settlement. Smiley (31 km North-West of Luhansk). Outside the property observers saw two KAMAZ truck with covered cargo compartments, and 15 men, seven of whom were Kalashnikovs.

Two members of the patrol Mission got out of the car and proceeded to the gate complex in order to meet with the separatists. When they are on the way to the gate I passed a truck, one of the armed men aged 40-49 years has held the position for roughly four meters from cars of the SMM, and took the machine off guard.

After that, he watched the cars of the SMM during the time that the patrol mission was on the scene. At 11:03, leaving the area, observers saw the separatist got down on one knee and pointed their guns at the car SMM. At that time the cars were about 5 meters from the armed men. At 12:02 patrol mission returned to base in Lugansk.

In the latest OSCE report also spoke about a new weapon of the separatists.

In addition, the observers saw at the roadblocks on both sides of the line of demarcation lying on the ground people. One of them was dead.


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