Lomachenko and Pacquiao continue to negotiate a fight

Ломаченко и Пакьяо продолжают договариваться о бое

Vasyl Lomachenko

Boxers can’t determine weight for competition.

The former world champion in eight weight categories Manny Pacquiao confirmed that talks about the fight with the command of the Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko and explained the main problem which arose in the process of organizing meetings.

According to Pacquiao, the two sides still can not reach an agreement on what weight category they are to fight.

Currently, Pacquiao and Lomachenko are in the weight category, the difference between which is of 17 pounds – Manny and Basil have not agreed on who or gain weight, or drop it, according to Saddo Boxing.

Earlier it was reported that Lomachenko challenged WBA lightweight title Here to Linares.

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