Lomachenko Campbell: Hearne two venues for the championship battle

Eddie Hearn is considering two major sites of the battle Lomachenko – Campbell.

British promoter Eddie Hearn told IFL TV that he has two options for the venue of the championship fight for the vacant WBC lightweight title between his team Luke Campbell and Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko.

“If we can cut a reasonable deal, we will hold this fight in the UK. We must decide whether we will go to London at the O2 Arena (23 thousand spectators) or in hull (home town of Campbell) – KCOM to the stadium, where there will be 30 000 fans. I don’t think Lomachenko knows where hull, but I don’t think his concern is where we go. This is a really good fight and I want it for August,” said Hearn.

Earlier it was reported that the WBC ordered negotiations between the teams Vasyl Lomachenko and Luke Campbell on the fight for the vacant title in the lightweight division.

Campbell’s promoter Eddie Hearn immediately after the announcement of the WBC’s decision disagreed with a Board decision.

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