Lomachenko mocked another rival

Ломаченко поиздевался над очередным соперником

Vasyl Lomachenko

Miguel Marriage survived against Ukrainian seven rounds.

The world champion under version WBO in the second Featherweight (up to 59 kg) Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko in Los Angeles, defended his title in a match against Colombian Miguel’s Marriage.

With the first round, Lomachenko took the match under control and methodically beat the opponent, often mocking him.

[email protected]”s taunting game is ? #LomachenkoMarriaga pic.twitter.com/GkH0l8v5xE

— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) 6 Aug 2017

One of the most curious moments of the fight when in the third round of a direct blow from the left, the Marriage flew off to another part of the ring. After that, Basil had gone to the opposite corner and began to demand shocks the opponent.

#LomachenkoMarriaga is trending worldwide… and it’s OVER! @Vasyllomachenko earns another impressive win. pic.twitter.com/t2yqtfi6RQ

— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) 6 Aug 2017

A game with an opponent nearly led to the problems in the fourth round, the Basil was cut after colliding heads, but his corner quickly coped with it, and after Lomachenko, Sr., “Bob, why?” Vasyl Lomachenko began to act more carefully.

The denouement of the fight came at the end of the seventh round, Lomachenko when again sent Marriage down. The Colombian managed to get up, but before the eighth round, his corner refused to continue the fight. Another early victory for Lomachenko.

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