Lomachenko – Walters: Ukrainian produces spectacular win

Ломаченко - Уолтерс: Украинец добывает эффектную победу

Lomachenko –

In Las Vegas hosted the battle for the title of world champion WBO Featherweight title between the Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko and Jamaican Nicholas Walters.

The fight started the same. Both fighters kept the distance and gently worked jabs. But after a brief lull, the boxers began to open up and punching combinations. But Lomachenko and Walters were perfectly assigned to protect and work the body, thus avoiding strikes.

But over the first three rounds, Lomachenko, more accelerated and increased the intensity of their attacks. First, Walters resisted this onslaught, but sometimes missed the side and uppercuts. It seemed that after this Walters “float”, but he was able to gather in the fifth round to try to hold in the attack, but fuse Jamaican was only enough for half the round, then his business was taken Lomachenko.

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In the sixth round, Lomachenko was able to show all its superiority in physical form over rivals, just circling around Walters, attacking from all sides. In another of his series, during which Walters missed four blows to the head, it became clear that Walters won’t last the whole fight.

And apparently, Nicolas knew it, throwing before the eighth round white towel.