London’s suicide was not connected with ISIS or “al Qaeda” – the police

Лондонский террорист не был связан с ИГИЛ или "Аль-Каидой", - полиция

London police found no evidence to indicate the relationship attacked police and passers-by near the houses of Parliament with extremist groups “Islamic state” (IG) and “al-Qaeda”, writes BBC Russian service.

According to the representative of the London police, Khalid Masood was clearly interested in Jihad, but there is no reason to believe that he-or discussing plans of attack.

The mother of the assailant Janet Ajao said that she was “shocked, feels a sense of bitterness and stunned” occurred.

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She admitted that she “shed many tears for those killed during the attack.”

Earlier IG (group banned in several countries, including Russia) said that he takes responsibility for the attack.

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He also said that Massoud was not part of the area of interest or anti-terrorist secret services. In addition, there is no evidence that he was part of a police investigation in Luton and prohibited network al-Muhajiroun.

“I know how much Masood has done his crime, but now I need to know why he did it. It is important for the victims and families of the victims,” added Basu.

Recall that the number of victims of incident has increased to six: among them four civilians, a policeman and attacks.

It was noted earlier that anti-terrorist forces in London have arrested two people on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack in the city centre.

Recall that the attacker, whose name was Khalid Masud, March 22, crashed his car into a crowd of people on Westminster bridge in London, killing three and injuring dozens of people. After that, he was bludgeoned to death with a knife police in the Parliament building. The police shot him.

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