Look at the Chernobyl disaster in figures

Взгляд на Чернобыльскую катастрофу в цифрах

Aerial view of Chernobyl

To tell the story of Chernobyl, 30 years after the accident, then talking about a huge scary figures and such, which is still unknown, what is even more annoying.

Offer a statistic that shows the scale of the largest accident in the entire history of nuclear energy:

More than 2 billion euros (2.25 billion dollars): Amount of funds spent on an internationally funded project for the construction of a permanent shelter over the exploded reactor.

4.7 thousands of square kilometres: the area around the NPP, which had to be abandoned due to strong radiation and radioactive fallout, about half of the territory in Ukraine, and the rest in Belarus. The area is approximately equal to the American state of Rhode island.

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About 600 thousand people: the Chernobyl “liquidators” who fought the fire and clearing debris in the destroyed reactor. All of them were exposed to elevated radiation levels.

About 350 thousand people: evacuate the area of the explosion in the first days after the accident, including all 45 thousand inhabitants of Pripyat, later relocated by the government.

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30 employees: plant Employees who died in the blast or acute radiation sickness within a few months.

9 thousand and up to uncountablePossible death toll from Chernobyl is subject to speculation and disputes. Even after the death of the last person who was alive the day of the explosion, the rest of death can be attributed to Chernobyl, because radioactive fallout caught in the chain of food production. Bureau for research on cancer world Health Organization estimates that 9 thousand thousand people die from cancer related to Chernobyl, and from leukemia, if the death followed by a similar scenario, as with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A group of defenders of environment Greenpeace claims that the total death toll from the Chernobyl disaster could reach 90 thousand people.

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2 days: while the world knew nothing about the explosion. Only after employees of one of the Swedish nuclear power plant detected a radioactive fallout and then analyzed where they could come, began to form a picture of what happened. Controlled Soviet media waited almost three days to admit that something went wrong, and even then it was downplayed its severity.