Lopez: Lomachenko is nothing

Лопес: Ломаченко - ничто

Teofilo Lopez expressed his contempt of Vasyl Lomachenko.

The prospect of light-weight Teofilo Lopez once again boldly spoke about the world champion at lightweight, WBA and WBO Vasyl Lomachenko.

American believes that all opponents of the Ukrainian frightened rave reviews about Lomachenko and promised to humiliate him when they met in the ring.

“Probably surprised many that the next rival Lomachenko will be Kroll. After all waited for it for me or Gerontol Davis. But Kroll deserve to be the mandatory Challenger.

I’m sure Kroll was well prepared, so the fight should be interesting. Many of the opponents Lomachenko lost to him even before he entered the ring. They’ve heard too much good about Lomachenko. And he’s nothing. Absolutely nothing. I hope that Kroll will not be the same as everyone and he has no respect for Lomachenko.

Other respected Lomachenko, just because you’re scared. Afraid to open to him, because he can release them a lot of punch.

Lomachenko thinks he’s a God in Boxing, but if we ever meet, I will show him what it is not. It is very immodest behaves and I humiliate him. I’ll crush him like a cockroach. That’s the difference between me and other boxers – I don’t respect him”, – quotes Lopez Boxingmonthly.

Previously Andre ward said that the fight with Lopez for Lomachenko – risk.

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