Losses in the ATO: one soldier was killed, five wounded

Потери в АТО: один военный погиб, пятеро ранены

Ukrainian soldier

The Ukrainian military and the separatists cease fire in the Donbass.

Over the past day in the fighting in zone anti-terrorist operation 1 Ukrainian serviceman was lost, 5 got wounds. About this informed the speaker of the presidential administration of Ukraine anti-terrorist operation Colonel Alexander Motesanib,betrays the information center of the NSDC.

In the Luhansk region yesterday, 7 attacks, 1 mortar. Break the silence on all fronts – in the Village Lugansk, Happiness, on Bakhmutskaya route and in the Popasnyansky area.

On Donetsk the direction violated the regime of silence in zaytsevo and the plant. Traditionally, occupants are activated in the second half of the day. It is noted that in the village of zaytsevo APU soldiers captured the separatists and handed over to the SBU.

In Maryinka the fighting lasted more than 10 hours. The ATO forces have repeatedly opened fire in response.

According to the information released Alexander Motesanib enemy losses for last days: 1 victim and 2 wounded from the so-called “9-th separate motorized rifle regiment assault Marines” and the so-called “3-th separate battalion of special purpose” “of the 1st army corps of” LNR.

Earlier, in the village of the Luhansk fired at the police Department.

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