Lost contact with the orbital telescope Radioastron

Потеряна связь с орбитальным телескопом Радиоастрон

While astronomers record the signal of the radio telescope

The device was launched from Baikonur the Ukrainian rocket Zenit and has been working in orbit since 2011.

Russian space telescope Radioastron has stopped taking commands from Earth. It is reported gazety with reference to the corresponding member of RAS, head of the scientific program Radioastron Yuri Kovalev on Saturday, January 12.

According to him, the telescope has stopped communicating 10 Jan. He not only receives the command information, but yet continues to send scientific data to Earth. Radioastron is the only Russian scientific spacecraft.

“Since then, there have been three emergency communication session using the antennas in Ussuriysk and Bear lakes, and hard working professionals, NPO Lavochkin has not yet managed to communicate with the satellite,” – said Kovalev.

Astronomers record the signal on Board the satellite – carrier frequency of 8 GHz. This means that the energy on Board the spacecraft is and its scientific equipment works.

It is noted that a radio telescope Radioastron was launched from Baikonur the Ukrainian rocket Zenit and has been working in orbit since 2011. He’s already significantly blocked off initially, its service life is five years. The telescope is on an elliptical orbit with an apogee of about 350 thousand kilometrov.

The main goal of the Radioastron observations of active galactic nuclei, pulsars, quasars, and interstellar gas clouds.

Earlier it became known that the Russian military satellite Kosmos-2430 descended from orbit and burned up in the atmosphere. This unit was intended for tracking launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles from the United States.

In Russia said that their military satellite Kosmos-2430 was de-orbited according to plan and this process allegedly took place under the control of videoconferencing.

Later it became known that the cameras of FOX during the broadcast of the cricket match in New Zealand took the moment of destruction of the Russian satellite Kosmos-2430.

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