Loto-Zabava: born In Kiev 18th millionaire 2018

Лото-Забава: В Киеве родился 18-ый миллионер 2018 года

Was held on July 22 989-th lottery “Lotto Fun”, marked by winning the next 1 000 000 UAH under the new rules.

At the beginning of the first broadcast from the big drum had the ball with an even number 68 that is guaranteed to win one million hryvnia in the category of “three horizontal two preferential horseshoe”. The winner was the 297-m lucky on the counter of millionaires “Loto-Zabava” and the eighteenth in this year. The winning ticket No. 0089066 acquired in Kiev kiosk LLC “DLU” n 060, which is located in the square Heroes of Brest.

The national lottery operator, “M. S. L.” newly minted invites the winner to join the private elite “MILLIONAIRES CLUB “M. S. L.” and participate in an exclusive gift program “Two days in the life of a millionaire” for two people. All the benefits of membership in the “MILLIONAIRES CLUB “M. S. L.” is already used by many millionaires, including Zdioruk Irina from Uman, who came to the Studio “Loto-Zabava” on 8 July, together with his daughter Olga, and spent a memorable weekend in the capital.

The national lottery operator, “M. S. L.” congratulates the main winner 989 th edition and advises to contact the hotline by phone: 0 (800) 21 65 00 for advice on the design of the winnings.