Lots of hay does not happen

Много сена не бывает

Said we decided to call our traditional fall festival. September 15-16 welcome to our opening!

In every city big or small, has its own traditions, customs and festivals and the city of happy animals is no exception! For the third consecutive year we invite our friends to the traditional autumn festival.

This year we decided to create a very unusual settlement of straw and hay.
WELCOME TO SANOTAAN! Visit the town of hay can be up to 14.10.2018.

Craftsmen and artists used more than 5,000 kg of hay to create amazing sculptures and buildings!

In the program:


  • Intellectual game vegetables and fruits
  • Relay races and contests with vegetables “harvest in the maze of the garden.”

Creative workshops:

  • wickerwork
  • DIY hay and straw
  • weaving wreaths of autumn grass
  • create original magnets in the Ukrainian style
  • Kids educational games with fun entertainers

Create your own culinary masterpieces in the master class “Autumn spice”!

Positive emotions and excitement to children and adults guaranteed!

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