Lotto Fun: In “the Great the game” won 2 000 000 UAH

Лото-Забава: В «Великій грі» выиграли сразу 2 000 000 гривен

During the drawing of the 994 th lottery “Lotto Fun”, which took place on 26 August 2018, won 2 000 000 USD in two prize categories.

At the beginning of the first broadcast from the big drum had the ball with an even number of 32 that is guaranteed to win one million hryvnia in the category of “three horizontal two preferential horseshoe”. The winner was the 301-m lucky on the counter of millionaires “Loto-Zabava” and the twenty-second this year. The winning ticket No. 0074901 purchased in Kiev in the “LOTTO store”, located at: str Pokotilo, 14.

The second million hryvnias, which was won in the category of “three horizontal one grace horseshoe”, was divided between two players with tickets No. 0179299 and No. 0170844. The first of them won 500 000 UAH, thanks to a ticket purchased online. The second half a million hryvnias went to the lucky man from the village of tarasivka (Kyiv region), who bought his lucky ticket in “LOTTO store” on the street Railway, 1.

The national lottery operator, “M. S. L.” invites newly-made millionaire to join a closed elite “MILLIONAIRES CLUB “M. S. L.” and participate in an exclusive gift program “Two days in the life of a millionaire” for two people. All the benefits of membership in the “MILLIONAIRES CLUB “M. S. L.” is already used by many winners. Among them Denis Shadura from the city, who for two days was plunged into the vortex of the sweet life in luxury style and spent a memorable weekend in the capital during 11-12 August.

The national lottery operator, “M. S. L.” congratulates the winners of the 994 th edition and advises them to contact the hotline by phone: 0 (800) 21 65 00 for advice on the design of the winnings.