Lozhkin may retire in the near future – media

Ложкин может уйти в отставку в ближайшее время – СМИ

The head of the presidential administration Borys Lozhkin

The head of the presidential Administration, it may be a new position.

The head of the presidential Administration Borys Lozhkin in the near future may leave his post.

As reported RBC-Ukraine, citing several sources close to the President, care Lozhkina can happen in the period from 30 August to 5 September.

“The exact date when this will happen is unknown, as is whether this can happen,” – said one of the advisers Lozhkin.

If the resignation is still going to happen, Lozhkin will retain the administration of the President his office, and takes a new post.

So, now we are discussing the possibility of his appointment as head of the National investment Council.

As reported Корреспондент.netApril 1, Lozhkin issued the Declaration for 2015.

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