Lozhkin out from the AP, but remains in the presidential team – analyst

Ложкин уходит из АП, но остается в президентской команде – политолог

Lozhkin was appointed head of the Administration of the President June 10, 2014

Karasev believes that the departure from the AP Lozhkin is a step forward in his career.

Boris Lozhkin resigning as the head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine, but will remain in the presidential team. As stated by the Director of the Institute of global strategies Vadim Karasev on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine, Lozhkin in addition to working on the post of Secretary of the National investment Board, it also will function as a freelance Advisor Poroshenko.

“If we talk about the economy, the main problem is weak investment. Lozhkin came to the state administration of creative enterprises, it tends to be work, to relations with the global business environment. Therefore, I believe that this is a step forward in his career because it gives more possibilities. That he will take a position this “Minister of foreign investment” today is much more important for the country and for the President”, – said Karasev.

He recalled that the first phase of reforms in Ukraine was held with involvement of foreign managers reformers, and it was the initiative of Lozhkin. According to Karasev, now we need a more fundamental reform there is a need for investment Finance, technology, managerial experience.

“It is also working on reforms, but not the Cabinet. You need to carry out investment forums, especially in such key countries as the UK, Germany, USA. You need to go, to present, to be more mobile. As I understand it, Lozhkin offered a new plan its involvement in reforms, and the President agreed,” – said Karasev.

As reported Корреспондент.net, the most likely candidate for the position of head of the presidential Administration after the dismissal of Lozhkin’s media call of the Chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration Igor Rainin.

Recall that Lozhkin was appointed head of the presidential Administration on 10 June 2014.