Lucescu: hopefully, that luck will be on our side

Луческу: Будем надеяться, что везение будет на нашей стороне

Mircea Lucescu

Shakhtar coach Mircea Lucescu talked to reporters before the match against Sevilla.

– Will have impact on the game factor Linnets? Will he be able to suggest something to the coach?

It is normal that players know opponents and can share some of their visions. For example, I never have my players don’t ask about the opponent’s play. I don’t think it will affect the game in Seville. Each coach has his own vision of the game, your ideas, and I don’t think it will depend on the words Linnets. Unai emery said that he had studied the last four games of Shakhtar and, I’m sure he made his opinion about our game, made some analysis. Each of the coaches sees in his own game, so it makes no sense to listen to players.

– Can something positive to take from that defeat Shakhtar from Seville with a goal by Palop?

– We showed the players of the passages in those two games, with just 10 seconds to go through Seville. We had two good matches in the first match we got a controversial penalty, had a good match, so you should not focus on the last minute. Sevilla are a very good team that won the last two Europa League, but then I think that she was lucky to beat Shakhtar. Let’s hope that the luck that they had, now to be on our side.

– How many matches of Sevilla you looked, in preparation for the matches against the Spaniards?

– I watched as many games as needed to explore Seville.

– Those matches were full of goals and on, and on event. What do you think, will there be tomorrow a lot of events?

– This is another level. In the semi-finals already, meet the team of Champions League level. You saw the game Manchester city with real Madrid? It’s equal teams. At this level it’s hard to score goals, the winner is determined by one goal. Team well study each other. We play against a very good team with lots of experienced players, they know what to do on the field in one way or another episode. Usually when the team has such players – the team wins the title. Sevilla are a very strong team. Somewhere our level.

We will remind, the first match of 1/2 final of the Europa League Shakhtar Donetsk – Sevilla will take place on 28 April in Lviv. Live this match will show TV channel Ukraine.


We will add that on SPORTS bigmir)net will be available a text online broadcast of the match, which will start at 22:05.

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