Lucescu: I Thank all the club staff, without exception

Луческу: Благодарю всех работников клуба без исключения

Lucescu thanked all employees of the club

Shakhtar coach Mircea Lucescu gave his last press conference after the final match of the Cup of Ukraine against Dawn.

– Very nice game for the Cup final. On the field, met two ambitious teams with a high level of skill. Despite the fact that it’s the end of the season and both teams have already felt the fatigue. I am satisfied with the quality of the game. I think not the first time we respond to various insinuations that have always sprung up around our games with Dawn. In the 12 years that I was coach of a miner, never been any inappropriate actions on my part and on the part of the team, which I run. Met today’s miner and dawn, where a lot of guys who certainly are the future of Shakhtar. As for the game, I think we deserved to win today. We may have had more experience. And the technical skills we were the better team. It is evident that dawn is very ambitious, aggressive team, a fast enough. And not for nothing, apparently they were in the finals, because the game they show a decent ending. As for me, this is one of the teams, which shows very entertaining football – probably the second entertainment after miner. Quite short will probably stay, especially for those players who are leaving to join their national teams. I all wished him success. They represent the miner, and the miner is the winning team. So I wish they gave there in the team.

– With the victory! We are you so fast today do not let go. Is that all? Last game?

– Yes. This is my last game. If you remember I said earlier that I would be correct up to the end of his contract, and will not talk to anyone or negotiate about their future. Didn’t want to risk our performance in the League, in the Europa League and the Ukrainian Cup. So starting tomorrow I am a free coach who will be looking for a new club. Until today I with anybody did not sign anything, with anybody did not conduct negotiations. Starting tomorrow, probably going to do it. This will enable the miner to start the search for a new coach. The Donetsk club this year marks 80 years, and I’ve only been here 12. I want to thank everyone for all these years was next, and journalists too. A lot of people worked with me all these years. Maybe their contribution was not as significant, but it is significant. It is the people who kept football fields – did everything that we practiced in good conditions. I thank all employees of the club, without exception. They did everything possible so that the miner was always at the highest level in domestic and European arenas. Too much need to call people now to thank each of them. I want to thank our fans. I can imagine how they now suffer from the fact that next to no team. But where they are, I think they rejoice in our successes. I want to thank all of their players. During these 12 years, there were a lot of players, changed almost five-six teams. Some left, others left. We are quietly replaced them, and now came the young players. We invited young players, they then have grown with us and went to top clubs in Europe. Often they come from congratulations. Against them we had a lot of patience, and they showed themselves to be real men. I want to thank not only the boys that are with us today, but also to those who left us. I will always be a soul near them, I will follow every step in their career. Told the players that they continued to win titles, as they did in recent years. I embrace all. And most important – I want to thank our President. I embrace it and am grateful that he has allowed to be here as a coach is not only a coach but a friend. Know how he is now suffering from what can not be with the team, especially in moments of victories, as it is today. Never cease to talk about it: I want to say to our President only words of gratitude.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Shakhtar won the Ukrainian Cup, beating in the final the Dawn. This match was the last for Lucescu at the head of the Donetsk club.

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