Lucescu sees Markevich his mate at Shakhtar – source

Луческу видит Маркевича своим сменщиком в Шахтере – источник

A source close to Mircea Lucescu, said that the decision about the care coach has not yet been resolved.

“In the coming days to meet with Mr. President of Shakhtar Rinat Akhmetov. While that is the status quo. Lucescu interest from other teams have, but he has an agreement with the club that he will not make a single step in the direction of changing job until, while on parting with him will not be solved by the miner. At the meeting of the President of the club with the head coach and decide whether they will continue cooperation.

While Mr. sees Myron Markevych his possible successor, because he believes his best Ukrainian coach. In addition, this designation could increase fan support Shakhtar in Lviv, where recently Markiewicz recognized person of the year. It would be symbolic: specialist originally from Western Ukraine – in the East Ukrainian team, “Skhid I Zahid time”, – said the source.

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