Lucescu: to Be a coach of Zenit is a great honor for me

Луческу: Быть тренером Зенита - большая честь для меня

Mircea Lucescu

The new head coach of Zenit Romanian Mircea Lucescu assessed the prospects of working for the St. Petersburg team.

Former head coach of Shakhtar pleased with the potential of his new team. In addition, Lucescu said he knows what he wants Zenit.

“To be coach of Zenit is a great honor for me. I know the potential of this team, you know the fans, know what he wants Zenit in football, what kind of success he wants to achieve in Europe.

The Zenith has everything you need for work. We had a very professional meeting with the leadership of the club, I saw the new stadium. Zenith has great potential. I hope that all together we will be able to achieve the dream of our fans success and victories,” – said Lucescu.

The Romanian coach said that, first of all, is going to help young players in their progress.

“First I must meet with players, meet, understand their ambitions, motivation, desire, dreams, the desire to win in Russia and Europe. In the Zenit are very strong players, and I certainly don’t want to start with errors. I want to develop them, and the result depends on our joint work.

I have to put all their strength and knowledge and to help young players. I like to work with young people. They have the enthusiasm, the desire to fight, concluded Lucescu.


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