Lucky Labs has denied allegations of hacking attack

Lucky Labs опровергла обвинения в хакерской атаке

IT company said that it has been customized information attack, and all the media reports about her involvement in the spread of the Viru

“In some Ukrainian media published a series of materials about Lucky Labs allegedly involved in massive cyber attack and the spread of malicious virus Petya.. The material was of the elements of the classical custom of the company: publication of allegations in the blog and subsequent reprinting without any reliable sources. No statements no Ukrainian authorities have not confirmed these ridiculous accusations, their only source is “opinion” a little known political consultant, who also has managed to correct his original post, apparently to avoid liability in court. We believe that the new PR-attack is the same customer who is behind all the attacks against Lucky Labs over the past two years,” said the company Lucky Labs on his official page on Facebook.

The company indicated that the output of publications in the media about the alleged involvement of Lucky Labs a cyber attack – fake and misinformation. “According to official statements of law enforcement agencies, the viral attack on June 27 associated with the updating of accounting software “M.E.Doc” that is soon confirmed by the company itself on their official Facebook page”, – stressed the representatives of the Lucky Labs.

Lucky Labs indicated that most of the media, which published information about the involvement of the company to a cyber attack, already removed the content. From publications that circulate the fakes, the company will require refutation and compensation of losses in court.