Lufthansa suspends flights to Venezuela because of the crisis in the country

Авиакомпания Lufthansa приостанавливает полеты в Венесуэлу из-за кризиса в стране

German aviakontserna AG Lufthansa suspends flights to Venezuela due to the economic crisis in the country and problems with conversion of the Venezuelan Bolivar, reports Reuters.

The company said that flights between Frankfurt and Caracas will be suspended from 18 June. The company’s office in Caracas remains.

The demand for international flights to Caracas fell in 2015 and continued to decline in the first quarter of this year.

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Earlier it was reported that Coca-Cola stop production of its products in Venezuela due to the lack of sugar.

In mid-may, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has extended the state of emergency in the country’s economy for another 60 days. He changeprogress to capture and close those plants, which have ceased to engage in the production. Maduro also said that the country will hold military exercises to combat “alien menace”.

The situation in Venezuela has become critical against the background of shortages, galloping inflation and falling government revenues due to lower oil prices, as well as the institutional crisis between the Executive and legislative branches of government after the start of opposition of the Parliament.

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