Lukashenko has allowed the Belarusian special forces to participate in counter-terrorist operations in Russia

Лукашенко разрешил белорусскому спецназу участвовать в контртеррористических операциях в России

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, archive photo

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree (No. 446) approved a draft international agreement on the participation of Belarusian units of special forces in counter-terrorist operations on the territory of the Russian Federation. The text of the relevant document published on the website of the National center of legal information of the Republic of Belarus.

“Approve the enclosed draft agreement between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation about participation of special forces in counter-terrorism operations on the territory of the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation”, – stated in the decree.

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It should be noted that the text of the agreement between the two countries is not published.

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According to Lukashenka’s decree, the state security Committee authorized to conduct negotiations on the draft agreement and, if necessary, may make changes to the agreement and amendments which are not of a fundamental character.