Lutkovska asks to check the legality of the actions of the SBU which unveiled to the media the personal data of the journalist

Лутковская просит проверить законность действий сотрудников СБУ, которые обнародовали в СМИ личные данные журналиста

Parliament Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska appealed to the leadership of the security Service of Ukraine with a proposal to conduct an internal investigation concerning the legal grounds of actions of employees of SBU concerning the verification of documents employee of the program “Schemes: corruption in detail,” Yaroslav Bondarenko, their photographing and dissemination in the media. This was reported by the press service of the Ombudsman.

Lutkovska has already stressed the need for a balance between the right to information and protection of privacy of the person in the performance of their professional duties. In this case, the publication of photographs of documents of a person was manifestly excessive interference in the private sphere of a person for the purposes pursued by the publication in the online edition, according to the Ombudsman.

“The guarantees laid down in articles 32 and 34 of the Constitution, and in some cases create a conflict between the two fundamental human rights – the right to privacy and the right to information. That is why in each particular case when deciding whether to publish material containing personal data and/or information about a person’s private life, the journalist must make the decision as to whether dominated by the right of the public to know certain information on the human right to inviolability of private life”, – said in a letter to Lutkovska in the SBU.

May 17 received wide publicity publish personal data (photos of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine and the accreditation card) of a journalist of the program “Schemes: corruption in detail,” which carried out photo and video of MP.

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As reported, the SBU will verify the information on alleged Russian hackers published the phone numbers of deputies from BPP.