Lutkovska told him about my meetings with the “ombudsmen” of the separatists

Лутковская рассказала о встречах с "омбудсменами" сепаратистов

Lutkovska is trying to return the Ukrainian detainees

Hardest to contact are the representatives of the LNR, said the Ombudsman.

Parliament Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska regularly holds talks with the so-called LNR and DND Ombudsman. She told the television channel 112 Ukraine.

“As of today on the uncontrolled territory left the penitentiary. There are still people who are serving sentences. Unfortunately, we turned that around 20% of all penal institutions located in the territory of Donbass, some of them remained on the uncontrolled territory,” she said.

According to the Ombudsman, the return of these persons engaged in it.

“Today only, in fact, the person who deals with the issue of return to the territory under the control of those persons who, in accordance with the decision of the court when the sentence is, in fact, I am. So I somehow communicate,” – said Lutkovska.

The Ombudsman said that the easiest way to communicate with the DNR.

“As of today managed to translate the uncontrolled territory (Donetsk region – ed.), 166, and today they are serving their sentences in the territory controlled by Ukraine in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. With representatives of so called LNR negotiations are still ongoing. Unfortunately, not a single person there to translate in the framework of such agreements is not yet possible,” – said Lutkovska.

As it is noted that according to the separatist-controlled resources, “the Ombudsman DND” Daria Morozova is, and in Lugansk, “protection of human rights” is Olga Kobzeva.

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