Lutsenko about the desecration of a synagogue in Uman: That’s a very harsh anti-Ukrainian provocation

Луценко про осквернение синагоги в Умани: Это очень грубая антиукраинская провокация

Desecrated synagogue in Uman

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko considers that the desecration of a synagogue in Uman it is anti-Ukrainian provocation, who would not do it, or the agents of the Kremlin or stupid. About this Lutsenko said at the briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Today I canceled my order about a vacation Cherkasy regional Prosecutor. It stays in place. Unfortunately, in Cherkasy there is no full-fledged head of the National police. And generally the difficult situation with the personnel of the police. Therefore, plan. As soon as you let me go, contact Mr. Avakov and ask him to delegate in the place of the skilled employees of criminal investigation Department. I personally believe that this is a very rough anti-Ukrainian provocation, who would not do it, or the agents of the Kremlin or stupid. In any event, the case against Ukraine,” said Lutsenko.

He also added that:”In any event, the case against Ukraine. I was the Minister of the interior, when we started to organize a mass pilgrimage of Hasidim to the grave of Rabbi Nachman. I remember I never actually there was no serious ethnic conflicts. So, there was some bullying. Frankly, the more pilgrims there were law enforcement officials. Why do we partake of their Israeli colleagues. But Ukrainians do not conflict with the pilgrims. During the revolution, during the war of independence the Jews were almost our best allies. I believe that this case is a challenge for us and we must answer it with all ability. While there are work operatives, the investigators, I can say one thing, it’s in my control. But as a person in high office want to declare through the media, it’s such a crime against Ukraine. Real Ukrainians are not involved in this. Whoever is selected, the agent of Russia or the inner idiot, he will be punished for it. I want to reiterate that all Ukrainians, the vast majority of these Ukrainians, do not suffer from xenophobia and anti-Semitism. We have proved over the years of independence. I think we should be proud of what so happens in our democracy and protect it.”

As previously reported, in Uman, a group of neo-Nazis broke into the Jewish grave of the righteous Rabbi Nachman and shouting anti-Semitic insults (the publication notes that they were in Russian), threw a pig’s head carved with swastikas, bags of red paint in the room, using tear gas before fleeing. The vandals also poured the blood of the floors and walls of a house of worship.

On the fact of desecration of the synagogue in Uman, Ukraine opened criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 161 (Violation of equality of citizens depending on their race, national origin, religious belief, disability and other grounds) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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