Lutsenko acknowledged the participation of Igor Gladkovsky in the schemes in the defense industry

The son of a former Deputy national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky were complicit in illegal activities in the defense sector, stated the public Prosecutor.

The son of former first Deputy, Oleg Gladkovsky secretaresse Igor was a participant of illegal schemes in the defence sector. On Wednesday, March 13, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“As for the probable participation of Mr Gladkovsky or Svinarchuk, the correspondence does not indicate what he was doing or production, or transfer of funds in cash without paying taxes, but it is clear to us that he was complicit in this activity”, – said the Prosecutor General.

“We are now working to obtain the necessary evidence to increase the number of suspects”, – Lutsenko declared, answering a question about what the role of the Gladkovsky Jr. in illegal schemes in the defence sector.

He recalled that in the production of the GPU is a case of fraud, which made Andrei Rogoza with him familiar SBU.

“During the RAID, along with the internal security of SBU we detained all three and they are now in the dock. During his detention at the Cattail was found, phone and correspondence with Zhukov and Zhukov only, therefore we seized phones and Zhukov. From the correspondence of these two individuals it is evident that Mr. Reed was the actual owner of the enterprise Optionspecial and along with Zhukov they conducted operations supply of equipment and parts to Ukroboronprom and further transfer cash derived from the production of funds”, – Lutsenko told.

He noted that the activities of Romance and Zhukov on tax evasion is a legal fact.

We will note, according to the journalists, except for Zhukov, Romance and Gladkovsky, Jr., to corruption in the defense sector involved Oleg Gladkovsky, the head of Ukroboronprom Paul Bukin, a number of top officials of the defense enterprises, as well as officials from the Military Prosecutor’s office, NABOO, GPU, SBU and the SFS.


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