Lutsenko called the name of the organizer of the murder Gandzyuk

Луценко назвал имя организатора убийства Гандзюк

Lutsenko told details of the murder Gandzyuk

The head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Munger, he organized and financed the murder of the activist, said the Prosecutor General.

The Chairman of the regional Council of the Kherson region Vladislav Munger organized the murder of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk, which found people and gave money to commit the crime. This was stated by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on Monday, February 11, reading the full text of the suspicion Manger, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“This is a short scheme of key individuals in this case. In early July, 2018 citizen Vladislav manger, guided by personal hostility, which had arisen on the basis of activism Catherine Gandzyuk, which prevents its selfish interests, decided to organize a premeditated murder Gandzyuk in a way that will cause the victim physical and moral sufferings” – read Lutsenko.

He added that realization of the intention Munger addressed previously familiar to him Levin and Pavlovsky and asked them to find artists and organize the murder of Gandzyuk.

“The proposal manger and Pavlovsky, and Levin agreed. The day of the execution of that criminal plan, Munger gave Levin money and Pavlovsky in the amount of not less than 10 thousand UAH for the acquisition of the necessary means of communication and procurement of the murder weapon,” – said Lutsenko.

In addition, according to the attorney General, Munger agreed with Levin and Pavlovsky amount of remuneration for murder.

“Including the attack on Gandzyuk not less than 5 thousand 600 dollars. The rest of Levin and Pawlowski had planned to leave for their own enrichment,” read Lutsenko.

Луценко назвал имя организатора убийства Гандзюк

Ukrainian Pravda

He added that the 13th July in Kherson Levin, and Pavlovsky, “in coordination with the Manger” was attracted to its previously familiar to them Corbina.

“Torbin drew to commit attacks previously familiar Gorbunova, Vasyanovich, Vishnevsky, Grabowka. Was traced routes of movement Gandzyuk, it was determined that acid was created closed group of subscribers in the network,” – said Lutsenko.

July 31, according to him, Torbin, Grabchuk, Gorbunov, vasyanovych, Wisniewski organized the attack on Gandzyuk.

“No later than August 4, Pavlovsky with the consent of the Levin gave Torbino $ 4,000 for the Commission of violence to life Gandzyuk and has instructed all members of the attack to take measures to prevent the exposure of law enforcement authorities”, – said the Prosecutor General.

He added that in the future Torbin gave the performers $ 500, and the remaining amount for himself.

“According to the expert, the death of Gandzyuk has come from thermal burns to 40% of the body. Death is no direct causal relationship with the received burns from the attack. Thus, Mangere is suspected of organizing the murder Gandzyuk, committed with special cruelty of selfish motives, to order, by prior agreement of persons”, – I summed up Lutsenko.

Lutsenko also showed a piece of paper with infographics, which shows a diagram of the organization of murder Gandzyuk.

On it, according to him, now there is a “sealed box”.

“It is probable when in government and law enforcement agencies that contributed to the Commission of this crime. Here, while there is not enough evidence to pursue suspicions, but work on them” – summed up Lutsenko.

The attorney General also reported that the head of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev does not appear in the criminal proceedings on the murder of Gandzyuk. The Deputy Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration Eugene Rimuka will check for involvement in the case.

As reported, on 31 July 2018 in Kherson unknown poured concentrated sulfuric acid Catherine Gandzyuk.

Was arrested five suspects in the assassination, including the man, recorded on video from surveillance cameras as a buyer of sulfuric acid.

4 Nov Gandzyuk died. Then the investigators changed the qualification of the attack on her is over the crime – premeditated murder committed by a group of persons from mercenary promptings, with special cruelty, by order.

31 Jan Vladislav Munger made the decision to leave the party Batkivshchyna during the investigation of the case.

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