Lutsenko declared Yanukovych the suspicion of treason

Луценко объявил Януковичу подозрение в госизмене

Yanukovych announced suspicion

Prosecutors also did not rule out a Declaration of suspicion of treason Mykola Azarov.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko verbally declared Viktor Yanukovych the suspicion of treason. He also reported that the state office of public Prosecutor does not exclude a Declaration of suspicion of treason, former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

Questioning Yanukovych: online

As is known, videodrome Yanukovych questioned as a witness in the “case of Maidan”. The former President is in court in Rostov-on-don, Russia.

Lutsenko before the speech said that since the former President is abroad, the content of the suspicion shall be notified orally, and after he handed it to the lawyer.

“According to the message content, Yanukovych Viktor Yanukovych is suspected that on March 1, 2014, as a citizen of Ukraine, while in an undisclosed location in the territory of the Russian Federation, acting intentionally […] has committed treason,” said he.

According to the Prosecutor General, a Yanukovych signed a statement asking the Russian President to use Russian army in Ukraine.

“Hoping to get support and protection from the authorities of the Russian Federation for further long-term residence on the territory of the country and avoid criminal liability in Ukraine for the idea of the legitimacy of the authorities and officials of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, legitimize and occupation by units of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation the territory of the Crimea Peninsula, recognizing explicitly the wrongfulness of his actions, drew up, signed and filed a written statement to the President of the Russian Federation Putin to use the Armed forces of the state on the territory of Ukraine, which gave a foreign state assistance in carrying out subversive activities against Ukraine…” – Lutsenko declared.

Previously, the GPU has transferred all criminal cases against Yanukovych.