Lutsenko expressed a suspicion Firtash

Луценко заявил о подготовке подозрения Фирташу

Lutsenko waits in the Firtash case of the final conclusions of examinations

Yuriy Lutsenko explained why the Ukrainian raw material continues to flow to the Crimean plants Dmitry Firtash.

The Prosecutor General’s office prepares the suspicions of the businessman Dmitry Firtash. This was stated by the head of the Supervisory Department Yuri Lutsenko, reports ЛИГА.net Wednesday, October 20.

Answering the question of why the Ukrainian raw material continues to flow to the Crimean plants controlled by Firtash, Lutsenko said: “This cholera is the courts, whose decisions have systematically removed the arrests Zhytomyr and other fields, supplying raw materials to the factories in the temporarily occupied Crimea”.

According to him, after such judgments, prosecutors have re-seize and it is “quite a chore”.

“But now I must say the main thing: Mr. Firtash in the coming months will be good for us message from the Prosecutor’s office. This will apply to regional gas companies, and chemical plants, and enterprises in the temporarily occupied territory,” – said Lutsenko.

“The audacity with which this person appeals to Moscow with the requirement to punish Ukraine, crossed all boundaries. So, this case it lies nearest to my right hand the pile” – he stressed.

Lutsenko added that he expects the Firtash case of the final conclusions of examinations. “As soon as they are – will and suspicion, and arrests, and other high-profile actions”, – said the Prosecutor General.

It was reported earlier that Ukraine offered to impose sanctions against six companies that contribute to the production of chemical products in the Crimea and conduct its implementation. Currently under sanctions is already the Russian company Titan investment, which produces chemical products in Armyansk.

We will remind, Dmitry Firtash was arrested in Austria on March 12, 2014 at the request of U.S. authorities. He was accused that he with the help of bribes for a total amount of 18.5 million dollars wanted to get permission to mine titanium in India. Firtash faces 50 years in prison and confiscation of all assets.

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