Lutsenko has declared an impasse in PrivatBank

Луценко заявил о тупике в деле ПриватБанка

The Prosecutor General’s office supposedly established multi-billion asset that was acquired derived from Bank funds, but the loss will have to wait ten years.

Genprokuror Yuriy Lutsenko said that PGO has established a list of the assets of 5.5 billion, which were acquired for derived from PrivatBank funds. He told about it to Agency Interfax-Ukraine on Monday, 5 November.

“Now we have the news that we’ve established tremendous assets for $5.5 billion, those at the end of the scheme, from yachts and Picasso to factories and real estate. This is progress,” he said.

At the same time, the attorney General added that apply to the specified assets, any measures necessary to establish their ultimate owner – beneficiary. However, he noted that the statements of Kroll on the results of the forensic audit has no legal force.

“The Kroll study showed how some companies 30-40 accounts in Cyprus “pulled” in one day money and brought them to the “third wave” – a kind of offshore company, which acquired certain assets. Now we know what is an asset and it is similar to money laundering, article 209 of the criminal code. But now the court needs a particular document, certifying who is the beneficiary of this property. If this is indeed the ex-owners of PrivatBank, then we can impose on them arrest a Ukrainian court and courts in other jurisdictions – there are a lot of countries, including the United States, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Cyprus,” – explained the Prosecutor General.

The GPU is currently working on obtaining confirmation of beneficiarv these assets.

He noted that the case under article about money laundering can be opened only when setting “predicate”, which is complicated by the inability to establish loss as a result of the operations of PrivatBank, which served as the basis for withdrawal. We are talking about loans 36 companies 133 billion issued in October-November 2016, which was repaid loans 193 other borrowers of the Bank.

“These 36 firms have a 10-year line of credit. While they are current, the balance of PrivatBank converge, and the financial institution is no credit loss, which is the basis for the application of article 191 of the criminal code,” – he said.

According to Lutsenko, for out of this situation you must either prematurely terminate these credit lines, referring to the fact that borrowers are not servicing its obligations, or wait 10 years.

“Thus, at the moment, there here’s a paradoxical situation: withdrawn more than 120 billion UAH, but loss de jure, we have to wait 10 years,” he explained.

We will remind, after treatment PrivatBank High Court of England issued an order on a worldwide seizure of assets of the ex-owners of PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov, and the six companies that probably they belong to or are controlled by them.

Later in the High court of London held a meeting at the suit of PrivatBank against its former owners, the results of which Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov rejected part of the claims.


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