Lutsenko in the centre of Rome gave “explanations for cattle”

Луценко в центре Рима дал "объяснения для быдла"

Lutsenko bought in Italy books

The journalist met with the attorney General’s wife in the capital of Italy with a package of books. Lutsenko advised to read more.

Journalist Vadim Litvin has published a video in which Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko walking in Rome gave “explanations for cattle”, having advised to read more.

“For cattle explain, it is useful to read books,” – said Lutsenko. However, he showed a package of books.

The journalist thanked the attorney-General.

Earlier it was reported that the court ordered the State Bureau of investigation to open a case against Lutsenko because of the disclosure of information relating to the investigation of the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk.


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