Lutsenko intends to reduce the state anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office

Луценко намерен сократить штат Антикоррупционной прокуратуры

In SAP fired five prokurorv 45

Holodnitsky expects that the Prosecutor will not dismiss the prosecutors of SAP.

The Prosecutor General’s office is going to 10% to reduce staff Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office. This was the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky said in an interview with the Censor.No.

“Just today I’ve heard that the plans of the Prosecutor General 10% reduction in SAP. I wrote a letter about the increase in staff. I was denied. Although the budget 2017-2018 designed for the number I’m asking for. Of the 45 posts I want 5 people to reduce. There are still 7 vacancies, that is, we have only two vacancies,” he said.

According to Golodnitsky, the burden on prosecutors of SAP increases.

“I see loads of people at the beginning of the year was procedural management in approximately 300 facilities, is now 508. And it’s not talking about trials! This year at SAP was provided for 116 million. The following will be 113 million We are the only law enforcement authority, which reduced the funding,” he said.

Holodnitsky expects that “this plan will not be implemented, because without the consent of the Director of NABU is impossible to increase or decrease the number of prosecutors SAP”.

“I hope that Yury Vitalyevich will review these plans. Otherwise, the question of the functioning of SAP and NABOO is under threat,” – said the Holodnitsky.

As reported Корреспондент.neta week ago President Petro Poroshenko has assigned Holodnitsky the title of honored lawyer of Ukraine.

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