Lutsenko led GPU: major changes will not

Луценко во главе ГПУ: серьезных изменений не будет

For the appointment of Yuriy Lutsenko to the Prosecutor General and deputies voted on 13 may and immediately the President confirmed his appointment

The deputies are fighting the person of the attorney General, and it would be necessary to change the system entirely.

After resting for may, the deputies rushed into the fight. Some are trying to take the high ground, the other to keep at any cost. The elevation chair of the attorney General, which is vacant for several months, writes Eugene Supricheva at No. 18 in the magazine Reporter on may 13, 2016.

The President has decided to put the question bluntly — according to the Constitution he has the right to submit the candidacy. The choice fell on the head of the presidential faction in Parliament, Yuriy Lutsenko.

“The choice is obvious. It’s not so much a question of professional or business skills Lutsenko, how much personal trust of the President. He wants to see their man in this position”, — said the Director of the Center for political analysis Penta Volodymyr Fesenko.

The desire is so great that under Lutsenko decided to cut the act. Under the old, the applicant for the position must have higher legal education and work experience in industry at least 10 years. Lutsenko has no legal education, and in Prosecutor’s office it was only once — in passing of the detention center.

So with the features of the biography of Lutsenko was drawn up a new bill with nothing in it about education, and experience included in the “legislative activity”. Only here votes that law is not enough. However, still unable to take repeated voting — moved to Thursday (the number of print zdaval the previous day – ed).

However, again there is a caveat. For example, Parliament will refuse to vote for the laws, written for a specific candidate. What then? The political scientist Fesenko suggests that the President has backed the candidacy. Most likely, this is the current military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios. This option is much worse: Matios — “man of system,” he won’t break it, the hand does not rise. That is, if Lutsenko — overboard, we remain with the Prosecutor General’s office in its current state is emergency.

It is also true that Lutsenko be able to reform the Prosecutor General’s office, believe not all: “We remember about his experience of reforming the interior Ministry. Unceremoniously disbanded the traffic police, then suddenly came to his senses — everything was back to normal. And the General prosecution is much more difficult.

Even Vitaly Yarema (the former attorney General and before that head of the interior Ministry of Kiev) looked at the functionality of square eyes. Because of the interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s office are two different things. And then there’s people without a legal education. He and subordinates will simply speak different languages. By and large it’s not even Lutsenko, and that the office of attorney General politicized,” said the former first Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Mykola Golomsha.

And why the politicization of post is harmful? Opponents of the appointment of Lutsenko now say, you must fight not for individual candidates, and for changing the selection system.

“Open competition! Discussion with the public! Independence…” — throws the slogans of the people’s Deputy Svetlana Zalishchuk.

And these slogans work. A striking example — the appointment of the head of the National anti-corruption Bureau, an independent selection with the assistance of lawyers and people’s lustration-makers. The Commission submits the list to the President and the already chooses the most convenient figure, but only of those who have passed professional selection.

However, in the case of the introduction of such a system in the state office of public Prosecutor it is necessary to develop a legislative framework. It will take at least a year. To start we had yesterday, but thought only of today, and then only theoretically.

In practice, while conducting the “patching” of the Prosecutor’s office because it is faster and more familiar.


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