Lutsenko promised to destroy the Soviet model of the GPU

Луценко пообещал уничтожить советскую модель ГПУ

The attorney General insisted on the transfer of functions of the GPU to the State Bureau of investigation.

The attorney General promised to end the absolute power of the GPU, leaving behind her the normal function of procedural guidance and support of charges in courts. About this Lutsenko said in an interview with the online edition of the Censor.No.

“The investigation should go from the General Prosecutor to the State Bureau of investigation. If we create the RRG in January, it will earn next November. Then we will be able to the end of the year to get a workable structure that will take away from this result. And finally, the Soviet model, the investigator and Prosecutor conspire in the same office, will be destroyed”, – he stressed.

Lutsenko also said that today the reform of the Prosecutor’s office continues, in particular, are open tests and competitions for positions in the local Prosecutor’s office with the assistance of the Commission members of the public.

“Every third head of the local public Prosecutor’s offices and another 2.5 thousand candidates for the 600 job openings are now going through this process. My pride is that while the system was only 12% of candidates. Now – 73%. People start to believe in the possibility of change,” – said Lutsenko.

Lutsenko’s lawyer swore at Novinsky