Lutsenko reminded Tymoshenko that they put in professionals with a legal background

Луценко напомнил Тимошенко, что их посадили "профессионалы" с юридическим образованием

The candidate for the post of head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko, Yulia Tymoshenko reminded that they put people with a legal background. He stated this during his speech in Parliament, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The first thing I want to say, I hate that because I was amended to the current law on the Prosecutor’s office. I definitely think that this is quite a wrong practice and would never go if I could find the man believed the President, the Parliament and the public that he can break the current inefficient and often criminal system and more willing to do it than I”, – Lutsenko declared.

“Those who talk about education, the need for legal education in the office of the Prosecutor General, I would like to remind my dear Julia, you and planted professionals with a legal background. Education is not a guarantee that prosecutors will work on the laws of society,” he added.

The Parliament has already introduced a draft resolution on granting consent for the appointment of the President of Ukraine, Y. V. Lutsenko to the post of General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in the “Voice of Ukraine” published the law on the Prosecutor General’s office, which changed the requirements for a candidate for attorney General. Today the law passed by 258 votes of MPs.

In accordance with the adopted bill, a candidate for attorney General must have a University degree, not necessarily legal, and work experience in law or legislation and/or law enforcement on not less than five years, speak the state language, to have high moral, business, professional qualities and organizational skills.