Lutsenko said that the GPU will reconsider case against the former military 51th mechanized brigade

Луценко заявил, что ГПУ пересмотрит дела в отношении военных бывшей 51-й мехбригады

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko stated about the intentions of the HCP to review the cases against soldiers of the 14th (ex-51) mechanized brigade. He declared it in interview “Censor.NO.

He also said that it is studying the case of the death of the military under the transfer.

“Look what I study – the case for Ilovaisk on my Desk. So, we will make the decision. The responsibility for the Ilovaisk no one of the leaders has not been removed. But in regard to ordinary soldiers some decisions I’ve already made. I know not from hearsay, visited his son at the front, so you know – the war is not only come, and sometimes people are forced to retreat. They were not professional soldiers. It happened. Therefore, we will view the works that have become an open wound of Volyn. Closed business for 150 soldiers of the 51st brigade, against whom charges of desertion. The rest of the wanted please come to the Prosecutor’s office to close the investigation,” – said Lutsenko.

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Previously, the GPU was informed about the termination of criminal prosecution of nearly 150 soldiers of the 14th mechanized brigade.

We will remind, the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the commanders of the 51st OMB.

The military Prosecutor’s office for the 2014-2016 period beginning 700 cases concerning former soldiers of the 51st OMB, for 220 – there are already verdicts or decisions of the court, the case on nearly 150 soldiers closed the military Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier it was reported that in July 2014, 42 soldiers of the 51st brigade crossed the border with Russia in the area of Izvarino in Lugansk region. According to the officer 51st brigade, the soldiers were forced to do it in order not to fall under the attacks of terrorists. Then the servicemen were taken to Zaporozhye military unit А1978. They were charged with desertion.

In September 2014, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the dissolution of the 51st brigade. Based on it created a new, 14th mechanized brigade