Lutsenko said the leak of data from the Prosecutor’s office

Луценко заявил об утечке данных из прокуратуры

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko

Information about upcoming performances on the removal of immunity from two deputies prizoshlo from the Dnipropetrovsk regional Prosecutor’s office.

From the Prosecutor’s office of Dnipropetrovsk region has leaked information on the upcoming content on the withdrawal of immunity from two MPs. This was confirmed by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko during a visit to Odessa, on Friday, April 20, according to RIA Novosti-Ukraine.

He said this in the context of statements about upcoming performances on the removal of immunity of five MPs.

“Yesterday, unfortunately, there was a leak of information from the Dnipropetrovsk regional Prosecutor’s office because two out of these materials, two views were prepared in the Dnipropetrovsk Prosecutor’s office “, – said the Prosecutor General.

Lutsenko confirmed that the now five show, however, he noted that “it is not the fact that all five will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada”.

“I do confirm that on my Desk there are five materials in relation to the existing MPs, but this does not mean that all five will reach the Verkhovna Rada. My job is to act objectively and impartially. Furthermore, it should be enough evidence. The material came from NABOO, four from different units of the Prosecutor General. I think that at the time when the lawyers will make the current findings on the readiness of the materials, I will sign them. Pre-announce the names is considered unacceptable. Signatures will be. I have no doubt that some part will go to the Verkhovna Rada, but who exactly and how many know I think that soon, maybe a month,” he said.

Earlier Lutsenko announced the removal of immunity of several deputies. According to him, the Prosecutor’s office collected documents are sufficient for submission to the Verkhovna Rada.

Previously lie deprived of immunity of a people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko.


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