Lutsenko son bought an apartment for 6.5 million hryvnia – the investigation

Сын Луценко купил квартиру за 6,5 млн гривен – расследование

Lutsenko son bought a luxury apartment

The Prosecutor General’s son bought luxury property immediately after the wedding.

The son of Prosecutor General Oleksandr Lutsenko after the wedding, bought an apartment in Kiev for about 6.5 million. It is reported by the Country.

Before that, he lived with his parents in a private house, which is located in the village Parking lot Chievo.

According to the extract from the State register of rights to immovable property, 1 August 2017 Alexander Lutsenko became the owners of apartments with a total area of 183,7 sq. m (living of them – 170,3 sq m). The document States that this is a Studio apartment. The address is a new luxury 24-storey residential complex with Sherwood forest views.

Also, Lucenko, Jr. has purchased two adjacent Parking lots of cars in the underground Parking of the residential complex.

On the websites of the real estate indicated that a square meter in the residential complex Sherwood, which is located in Solomenskiy district of Kyiv, 31 starts from 200 UAH.

Reporters found that the apartment the son of the attorney General at a cost of 5 731 440 UAH (if you take on the minimum price per square meter in 31 of 200 hryvnias). Parking space here costs 390 000 UAH, and Alexander Lutsenko two of them. Total apartment with places in the underground Parking cost him at least 6 511 440 UAH.

Earlier it was reported that in the Central registry office in Kiev on 9 September, he married the eldest son of Yuri Lutsenko, Alexander.