Lutsenko spoke about the coup

Луценко заговорил о госперевороте

Protests under Verkhovna Rada financed from abroad, said the Prosecutor General.

The organizers of the protest action near the Verkhovna Rada allegedly planning a coup financed from abroad. This was stated by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in his speech at the Council for regional development, reports ЛИГА.net.

“There are grounds for a peaceful protest. The authorities have errors, and the lives of people quite difficult. But the right to peaceful protest does not mean right to the preparation of a military coup, which started a small group of people, about 150-200 people, which declared itself the only righteous require the state to do exactly what they want – with the support of Finance from abroad,” – said Lutsenko.

The head of the GPU added that “in due time” he will prove the protesters allegedly financed from abroad. Where exactly and who allocates funds to the destabilization in the center of Kiev, he said.

Lutsenko said that the government will be guided by the laws and the will of the people, “and not a bunch of adventurers who want to make another coup in favor of the Kremlin.”

As reported Корреспондент.net17 October near the Verkhovna Rada held a protest. The participants demanded to cancel parliamentary immunity, to create anti-corruption court and to introduce proportional electoral system with open lists.

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