Lutsenko took part of the powers of Holodnitsky

Луценко забрал часть полномочий Холодницкого

Some of the features of Holodnitsky performs Lutsenko

The Chairman of the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office during the investigation decided to go on vacation. Signatures under suspicion instead, he puts the head of the GPU.

Head of SAP went on leave, and his duties divided between his Deputy and the Chairman of the attorney General. The head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko said at a briefing on Monday, April 16, reports Ukrainska Pravda.

Holodnitsky decided to go on leave and guaranteed that it will provide explanation and will cooperate with the Qualification and disciplinary Commission of prosecutors, said Lutsenko.

“Glanders directs now the first Deputy Golodnitsky (Maxim Grischuk – up), but there is one very specific situation…”, he said.

Lutsenko explained that the Deputy does not perform all duties of the Chairperson, but only those that relate directly to SAP. The powers of Holodnitsky as Deputy attorney General in part undertaken by Lutsenko himself, as his deputies or anyone else from the GPU has no right to do this work.

“This is a very small function, for example, signatures on suspicions regarding certain suspects”, – said the Prosecutor General.

He said that in particular signed the alleged corruption lawyer, Deputy of the Vinnytsia regional Prosecutor’s office, which, together with the official demanded a bribe.

According to Lutsenko, also in the absence of Gorodnitskogo he will sign changes in the composition of the panel of prosecutors.

At the same time, said the Chairman of the GPU, there is a part of the powers of Golodnitsky, who is unable to perform even the attorney General.

It was reported earlier that Lutsenko requires dismissal of the Holodnitsky.

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