Lutsenko’s People. How are you going to change the Prosecutor General’s office

Люди Луценко. Как собираются менять Генпрокуратуру

New attorney-General, presented the team and the action plan.

Yury Lutsenko has submitted its programme of work at the head of the Prosecutor General and the first appointments.

The attorney General promises for two years to turn the GPU into a European institution. The current main challenge, he said housekeeping visits system.

Корреспондент.net gathered information about swing Lutsenko.

Without the “popular Front” anywhere

First Deputy Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko appointed lawyer Dmitry Storozhuk, who is now a people’s Deputy from “popular Front”.

“Relatively Storozhuk is my decision. I believe that the people have come, new people,” he said.

“His authority is the Department for supervision over the observance of legality in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, who headed on my orders, Colonel-General Vladimir Bedrikivsky,” – said Lutsenko.

According to Lutsenko, Storozhuk will allow the GPU to communicate with the second largest faction of the Parliament – “people’s Front”.

We will remind that earlier it was reported that the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has instructed his people in Parliament to endorse the appointment of Storozhuk Deputy attorney General.

This was discussed in a public journalists Storozhuk correspondence with the people’s Deputy of the same faction Andriy Ivanchuk.

In the photo with fragments of text-messaging, during the dialogue Storozhuk asked about his appointment to some position, fearing for resistance on the part of Yuriy Lutsenko.

In turn, Ivanchuk soothes the counterpart support of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the people whom the Parliament is supposed to vote for the appointment Storozhuk, or “Lutsenko also in flight”.

At the end of the dialogue Ivanchuk wrote companion “will Work))”, apparently referring to the provision of certain services Kolomoisky after appointment to the appropriate position.

The literal text of the correspondence in SMS:

Dmitry Storozhuk hi, what’s the purpose?

Andriy Ivanchuk: All valid.

Dmitry Storozhuk: lucyk against.

Andriy Ivanchuk: don’t worry, Kolomoisky approved. His people will vote, otherwise Lutsenko also in flight.

Andriy Ivanchuk: Will Work))

Storozhuk before obtaining the Deputy mandate from March 2014 to November 2014 he was Chairman of the State Executive service, prior to this he was Deputy head of the Department of the party, and before that three years practiced law.

He graduated from the Kiev national University of internal Affairs, master of law (2008).

Other deputies

Deputy attorney General, the competence of which will include international cooperation and representation of interests of the state in the courts, became Evgeny Yenin.

“35 years, three degrees, speaks three foreign languages, worked in operational positions in the intelligence Directorate of the SBU and the foreign intelligence service, now to the last day worked as the counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Italian Republic”, – said Lutsenko.

Another Deputy Prosecutor General, whose main task will be the reform of the GPU, will become known to the lawyer Valentina Telichenko.

“Her task is to hold new competitions in the local Prosecutor’s office … the reform of the Academy of prosecution by Western standards, the introduction of Western standards of statistics and the updates of the Ukrainian legislation”, noted the Prosecutor General.

Someone will be fired

Lutsenko asked three of his deputies – Yury Sevruk, Oleg Zalisko andNovel Howdo to write a letter of resignation.

“Where is Mr. Zalisko, Mr. Govda and Mr. Sevruk is the question. I was asked to write their letters of resignation”, – he said.

Lutsenko added that to each of them is treated with respect, because “each in his work does what one can”.

Fighter for cleansing

Lutsenko said that the main task of his team – purification system of the Prosecutor’s office.

The Department of homeland security, the General Prosecutor’s office will be headed by Peter Shkutyak, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

“Internal security is assigned to Peter Shkutyak, which is the head of the working group of the internal security (General Prosecutor of Ukraine for check of prosecutors in the centre and on places,” he said.

Petro Shkutyak, 35 years was the head of Dolyna district state administration, took part in the Maidan, a volunteer went to the front, was seriously wounded near Lugansk airport in the village of heorhiivka.

“The question is quite simple: there is a Declaration of attorney – all of them passed them along with family members, it’s about a thousand people… if arithmetic (Trat – ed.) will not converge, they will be dismissed by order of the Prosecutor General for violation of the code of ethics of prosecutors”, he said.

The attorney General also urged anyone who has audio and video recording of any illegal demands of prosecutors or other law enforcement agencies, to send them to the Department, which is headed by Peter Shkutyak.

Another step to reform the GPU, Lutsenko called the creation of the General Inspectorate, which will report exclusively to the attorney General.

Lutsenko hopes that the competitive Commission on selection of officials of the Inspectorate will be headed by an American lawyer of Ukrainian origin Bohdan vitvitsky, who “knows what power the mafia”.

Lutsenko hopes that the deputies of the holidays will make the necessary changes in order in July to launch the competition Commission, “not later than December 1 to the General Inspectorate, which will hunt for corrupt officials and traitors in the state office of public Prosecutor”.

What with the investigation

Lutsenko said that reorganizing in the investigative unit of the GPU.

“I decided that the unit of investigation does not change their leaders … I give 100 days to all the managers of the investigation and has carried out some reorganization and systems, and criminal proceedings”, – he said.

According to him, the Central investigation Department, headed by Yuri Grishchenko will work on the rights of the Department.

According to Lutsenko, to the level of the Department will be improved management of special investigations under the direction of Yury Gorbatyuk.

According to him, this will allow him to investigators and prosecutors, which should speed up the cases and stop the internal war between various services of the GPU”.

“Mr. Yan received a task to prepare and go through the procedure of conviction about the shootings on the Maidan”, – he said and added that many of the suspects are hiding or in Crimea, or in Russia.

At the same time, Lutsenko left the Department on investigation of crimes against property and public service. The Prosecutor General stated that the Department has lost its “special status”.

“The third Department under the leadership of Vladimir Huculak lost its special status. He comes to block the investigation. He will not be supervised by any one member and will be subject to the exclusive my Deputy on a consequence and for me personally,” he said.

According to Lutsenko, the Department will deal with economic crimes, including current officials.