Luxembourg since August, will start mining in space

Люксембург с августа начнет добычу ископаемых в космосе

In 2016, the government of Luxembourg has launched an initiative

Luxembourg became the first European country to adopt a law allowing private companies to mine minerals in space, according to Metalinfo.

Normative act, which will enter into force on 1 August 2017, establishes procedures for the approval of space mining projects, order commercial resource use and management principles to projects.

In 2016, the government of Luxembourg has launched an initiative, in which expressed support for R & d in the field of space mining and the beginning of the development of legislation in this area. After this the American company Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources, promoting such projects, have opened their branches in Luxembourg.

Space mining involves the study and commercial exploitation of near-earth objects. These include a few thousand asteroids, comets and large meteorites, the orbit of which is in the immediate vicinity of the Earth with a possible approach to it on distance up to 450 thousand.

Earlier, the international team of scientists have suggested that accumulated in the space debris can cause serious Land conflict.