Luxury real estate – a good investment

Элитная недвижимость – грамотные инвестиции

The real estate market remains a reliable investment tool, and its luxury segment – the most stable: it is almost not affected by political instability and economic downturns.

This is typical of big cities all over the world – prices for premium real estate are growing from year to year.

The main reason for the attractiveness of real estate – a selection of interesting objects for investment is limited. The main criterion for investment-attractive real estate remains a great location in the center of Kiev, with views of the historic part of the city’s cultural facilities, the Dnieper. Such offers in the market a bit. A shortage of luxury housing in the center of Kiev with age will inevitably increase due to the lack of suitable plots for new construction.

Against this background, a unique project was a residential complex Linden Luxury Residence located at the limes, near Khreschatyk and the presidential Administration. Today is the only new apartment in the government quarter. The unique location dictates higher prices, so Linden was the most expensive building in Kiev.

Элитная недвижимость – грамотные инвестиции



– Cost of 1 sqm in the historical center of Kiev, is constantly growing. Buying a new property in this area practically impossible, because it is not there. Project Linden I would have reacted to the category of “exceptional” property. After commissioning the building, the price is likely to increase from 10% to 30%. If we consider a limited number of luxury homes, we can predict that the market price of 1 sq m in the area of limes, commissioned the house will be from 7000 to 12000 in.e. – says Anton Sitalo, Director of network real estate agencies Real Estate Sitalo.

According to experts, choosing a target for investment, apart from the location, it is important to pay attention to the following factors: the design of the facade and of the interiors, quality of materials, functionality, layout, infrastructure, readiness of the facility, reputation of the developer.

In Linden presents spacious residences with two, three or more bedrooms (with bathroom and wardrobe), utility room, Laundry, Studio with panoramic Windows and unique views of the city centre. The façade design and the concept of interior design was developed by the company Kelly Hopen, a talented British designer with a world name.

Элитная недвижимость – грамотные инвестиции



– The choice of elite new buildings for investment must take into account the degree of project readiness. Much higher yield can be expected, buying a luxury apartment in a newly built complex. Advisable to focus on dynamically constructing objects (phase aerial parts) with the term of putting into operation no later than a year or two. During this time the best on the market getting more expensive by 20-30%, – says Radomir Turcan, managing partner of CBRE Ukraine.

The commissioning of the Linden Luxury Residence planned for the end of this year. The sale of the residences was launched in mid-2018. As reported in the company Budhouse Group – developer of the project, the planned increase in prices for apartments is planned for December 2019.

Элитная недвижимость – грамотные инвестиции



Budhouse Group is focused on large-scale real estate projects in different regions of Ukraine. The company owns shopping centers in Lviv, Kherson, Cherkasy, Zaporizhia, the largest in the hotel-office complex, office center in Kiev. The total area of completed projects is more than 200 000 sq. m. the company’s portfolio includes also a number of large projects of various degrees of readiness in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Odessa, a total area of 500 000 sq. m. the Company has repeatedly passed the scrutiny of international investment and commercial institutions, such as EBRD, Starwood Inditex, Barclays Bank (Suisse) SA, UBS AG, UniCredit Bank Austria AG, etc.