Lviv freemen won four gold medals on the first day of CHU to fight

Львовские вольницы выиграли четыре золота в первый день ЧУ по борьбе

In Zhytomyr was held the first day of the championship of Ukraine in the wrestling.

Wednesday, June 7, in Zhitomir started in the Ukrainian championship in freestyle, Greco-Roman and female wrestling among adults. On the first day of the competition were awarded medals in women’s wrestling in all categories, as well as in the lightest weights in men.

Half of the gold medals in women (four) have won borchini from the city: the Champions of Ukraine Oksana Livach, Irina Gusyak, Tatiana Keith and Sophia Bodnar.

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in half of the weight categories, has traditionally excelled. Two gold medals took with him representatives of the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast Irina chihradze and Mary Ilisin. Barcina from Kherson Alla Belinskaya became a champion in weight up to 69 kg, and titled Ekaterina Burmistrova from Sumy, confirmed its high class, winning the medal of the highest dignity in the heavy weight up to 75 kg.

Gold at wrestlers in the weight category up to 57 kg was taken by the representative of the capital – Taras Markovych, who in the final defeated Armen Arakelyan 10:3.

Interesting was the final confrontation in Greco-Roman wrestling in category to 59 kg, where he met Dmitry Tsymbalyuk and Jora Abovyan. More experienced Tsymbalyuk has won with the account 3:0, thus, probably, won the right to represent Ukraine at the world Championships in Paris.

We present to your attention all the winners of launch day of CHU to fight in 2017.

Women’s wrestling:

48 kg
1. Levac Oksana
2. Bugaychuk Faith (Exactly)
3. Tanchuk, Olena (Donetsk)
3. Ilona Semkiv (Ivano-Frankivsk)

53 kg
1. Irina Gusyak
2. Skoblyk Larisa (Exactly)
3. Evgeny Pavlov (Lviv)
3. Schneider, Olga (Lviv)

55 kg
1. Keith Tatiana
2. Yaschuk Bogdan (Lviv)
3. Zabigailo Christina (Dnepropetrovsk)
3. Birch, Christina (Ivano-Frankivsk)

58 kg
1. Chihradze Irina
2. Levchuk Olga (Lviv)
3. Ostapuk Anastasia (Volyn)
3. Arabia Alina (Kiev region)

60 kg
1. Bodnar Sofia
2. Tatyana Ryzhko (Kyiv region)
3. Wolska Straw (Lviv)
3. Vasilenko Anna (Odessa)

63 kg
1. Ilchishin Mary
2. Lisowska Julia (Kherson)
3. Bozhenko Anastasiya (Lviv)
3. Krasichkova Svitlana (Kharkiv)

69 kg
1. Belinska Alla
2. Celkova Anna (Kiev, Ukraine)
3. Poligon Alexander (Ivano-Frankivsk)
3. Turocy, Darina (Volyn)

75 kg
1. Katerina Burmistrova
2. Pasichnik, Irina (Kherson)
3. Shishak Sofia (Lviv)
3. Anastasia Shustova (Kharkiv)


57 kg
1. Markovic Taras
2. Armen Arakelyan (Kyiv region)
3. Bogdan Lazarev (Kharkiv)
3. Kostiv Vladislav (Kiev region)

Greco-Roman wrestling:

59 kg
1. Tsymbaliuk Dmytro
2. Amiryan Zhora (Zaporozhye)
3. Soft Eugene (Transcarpathia)
3. Vugar Ragimov (Zaporozhye)

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