Lviv regional state administration: the Desecration of Polish monuments – a provocation

Львовская ОГА: Осквернение польских памятников – провокация

In Lviv desecrated the memorials to fallen poles

In the regional administration said that for such acts is a third party that attempts to inflame national enmity.

Press service of the Lviv regional state administration issued a statement stating that the incidents of desecration of Polish memorials in Lviv oblast are planned provocation for these actions is a third party.

“Cases of defilement Polish memorials on the territory of Lviv region – planned provocation. Such acts of vandalism that occurred in Pidkamin and Lviv, and also in Huta penyatskoy, designed to spoil the friendly relations between the Ukrainian and Polish peoples,” the statement says.

In the Lviv regional state administration are convinced that “behind such acts is a third party that for a long time trying to inflame national enmity by provocations and acts of vandalism.”

Earlier it was reported that in the Lvov area unknown studded paint, two memorials to fallen poles.

The restored monument to the poles in Huta penyatskoy