Lyakhov became the champion of the Universiade, Hloptseva not enough moments

Ляхова стала чемпионкой Универсиады, Хлопцову не хватило мгновения

Olga Lyakhova

The sixth day of the world Universiade Ukraine finished with 23 medals.

Four medals were won by Ukrainian students in the sixth day of the world Universiade that is held in Taipei.

Earlier wrote that in a day program became the champion weightlifter Irina Deha.

Another gold this day on account of the female athletes Olga Lanovoi, which is a distance of 800 meters ran at 2:03.11 minutes.

The bronze medal race in the men’s 400 m hurdles was won by Ukraine’s Olena Kolesnichenko, who showed the best result of the season 56.14 sec.

Another medal for this, won swimmer Andrey Lads, who at a distance of 100 meters butterfly in just 0.1 seconds (his time of 51.91 sec) lost to the winner of Alexander Sadovnikov from Russia.

Thus, after six days of the Universiade, Ukraine 23 medals (8 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze) and the seventh place team.

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