Lyashko declared three big win in the lottery

Ляшко задекларировал три крупных выигрыша в лотерею

Lyashko declared the win

The leader of the Radical party stated that just won more than half a million hryvnia.

Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Radical party, MP Oleg Lyashko declared 571 000 USD prize in the Ukrainian national lottery. This is stated in the message of significant changes for the current year in the Unified state register of declarations of persons, transmit Ukrainian news.

In particular, Lyashko declared three win: 283 560, 153 485 and 134 000 UAH.

As reported Корреспондент.netLyashko declared 740 thousand dollars, 90 million euros and 890 thousand hryvnias in cash and a coin collection, expensive watch, a peasant’s pitchfork, a treadmill and an exercise bike.

It also became known that Lyashko has gained a home and two plots of land near Kiev for 15 million.