Lyashko said that Ukraine has no Parliament

У Ляшко заявили, что в Украине нет парламента

Today there is no Parliament, said Popov

The country needs new elections, said the MP from the radical.

MP from the Radical party, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on preventing and combating corruption Igor Popov said on the need early elections to the Verkhovna Rada in connection with the unsatisfactory work of the current Parliament. This publication reports the Political news.

“Today, Parliament is not” – he stressed.

Popov added that for the whole of last session the Verkhovna Rada adopted only four laws.

“It is very little… of the Coalition, too, no, no 226 deputies who say that they are the coalition that they work. There is a theoretical possibility that the Parliament will finally have a new coalition, which will work in conjunction with the government. But if this doesn’t work out, the situation will worsen and we will have to conduct parliamentary elections to create a new working Parliament,” concluded the radical.

Earlier, another representative of the Radical party predicted that in Ukraine in the spring of 2017 will be held early parliamentary elections.