Lyon – Shakhtar Donetsk 2:2. Online Champions League match

Лион - Шахтер 2:2. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов

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In the second round match of the group stage of the Champions League at the stadium Grand Stade de Lyon Shakhtar will play against Lyon in France. The match will take place on 2 October at 22:00.

Shakhtar in the second round of the Champions League will meet at a party with the French Lyon. The match will be held at the stadium Grand Stade de Lyon on Tuesday 2 October. will lead the text online broadcast of the Champions League match Lyon vs Shakhtar. A match between two teams will start at 22:00.

The meeting will be held at empty tribuno French club were fined for the actions of fans in the home match with CSKA last season.

In the opening round of the Champions League Shakhtar Donetsk played a draw in the match against the German Hoffenheim with the score of 2:2, and the French Lyon away sensationally beat Manchester city.

According to bookmakers, the advantage in this confrontation on the side of the French team.

Live match Lyon against Shakhtar in Ukraine will show the TV channel Football 1.

Lyon-Shakhtar Donetsk online broadcast of the match on Корреспондент.net.


Thank you for following this match with us! While!

Crazy game! Shakhtar confidently won 2:0 and seemingly controlled the course of the meeting. But Lyon for a few minutes we scored two and could have scored more! In the end, the battle a draw!


90+2 Lyon eager to win! The miner holds.

90+1 the Last substitution at Shakhtar: Fernando is Marlos.

90. The CROSSBAR!!! Kayode was able to pull out a win for Shakhtar! Marlos heel dropped on Kayode, the forward shot well but the woodwork played for Lyon.

89. Another blow, now from Fakira, misses again!

88. But Lyon is still dangerous! Mendy struck by the gate!

85. Calms the the game miner’s possession.

82. Kayode out instead Moraes Shakhtar. Kayode can escape.

81. SOOOO now Lyon hasn’t scored?! The miners for the whole team Plastal in tackles, Depay 100% not currently used. Just 100%!

80. Lyon never ceases to escalate, the defenders of Shakhtar are pretty full.

79. Tyson struck in the hands of the goalkeeper.

78. PYATOV!!! SEAWISE JUST! Depay is all done, at the center of the field passed, otal Dembele! Just get in the gate and all, but Pyatov saved! Shakhtar still in the game.

76. The response of the miners, but ismaily shot parallel to the goal.

74. Fekir earns a dangerous free kick. And the miner to calm down the game is designed Kovalenko. Changed Ukrainian Alan Patrick.

73. With his head turned to play! You need at least a draw to defend the miners! Lyon continues to push!

72. GOOOL! 2:2! Lion on courage trampled miner! Very protracted attack, Depay only three times sweep into the penalty area, all over the fact that Dubois was opened in the penalty area and shot already empty gate!!!

70. GOAL! Scored Lyon! And does it very easily. Impingement in the centre of the box from Fakira head and Dembele gets the ball in the net! 1:2!

69. Another rescue from the net, although here the blow fell right into the Ukrainian goalkeeper. Ispravitsya Andrew for the mistakes in the match against Hoffenheim.

67. THE TIME IN LYON! Dembélé beat metres with 7, after passing Fakir, but Pyatov saved a shot!

65. Shakhtar counter-attack ended in a very bad impact Junior Moraes immediately.

64. Dembele struck free-kick above the goal.

63. Depay came on for Traore to save the game?

60. Lyon’s falling to bits, need to finish.

57. Rakitskiy struck a direct free kick from 30 metres — Lopes shifted and took the ball.

55. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! 0:2!!! Preimushestva owned Lyon, and scored Shakhtar! Moraes easily put the ball into the far corner, the goalkeeper made a blunder!

53. Lion attack is a chance for the miners to catch them on the break.

51. Lyon scored after a corner, but the goal was canceled for offside.

50. Dangerous free kick earned Lyon, Stepanenko fouled. Fekir same Stepanenko, who was standing in the wall, knocked out with a strong blow.

49. Lyon presses since the beginning of time. With the ball only French.

46. Fekir is locked and loaded and hard fouls Patova that vesel out of the box. That’s a yellow card.


Shakhtar confidently looks away and deservedly took the lead at the end of the half!


44. GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORED MINER! MORAES! A cross from ismaily and Moraes cilino sure beats the near corner! Naked in the locker room – a great result for miners. 0:1!

41. Fekir struck his head. Well, at least something from the Lyon in the attack, but the ball went wide of the goal.

35. The miner generally controls the course of the match, a sharp attack of Lyon are not.

30. A MOMENT THE MINER. Alan Patrick found Marlos in the penalty area, Brazil-Ukrainian was beaten with a broken right foot – Lopes parried!

27. You can play with this lion, though he beat away to man city.

23. A slight advantage in ball possession on the side of the miner.

21. Far a Moraes shot after dribbling Marlos – Lopes drags! It was dangerous!

20. Pyatov easily took the ball in the box from the left flank.

18. Well Maicon burst into the penalty area of Lyon! Tyson gave him on the course, but the shot from Maicon really did not happen.

16. Equal game, in principle. Only Lyon once exploded.

12. Fekir wanted to catch far out of the goal of the net, but could not get even the target.

11. THE TIME IN LYON! Dembele ran one-on-one saved by Pyatov Shakhtar!

10. More dangerous free kick for a foul on Moraes – Alan Patrick pounding the wall.

8. The first penalty for the miner. Flow in the area of Lyon ended with the removal of the ball.

4. A good scramble in the penalty area of Shakhtar defenders will quietly endure.

2. The first time the miner. Even more of an approach, not a point. Tyson broke up the attack and rolled on ismaily, the defender was by the gate.


Huge empty stadium – the picture is not impressive. And even at Football 1 problems with the signal.

Only the Champions League anthem reminds us that the game will be part of the main football tournament of Europe.

Match without fans, of course, it is still fun. Although, Shakhtar also played in the championship of Ukraine, he such conditions are not used to. But the surroundings, of course, the fight is not the same.

From the miner to start at right-back goes Matvienko. Also from the first minute will play Maicon, who pulled out for miners draw in the first leg of the Champions League against Hoffenheim.

From Lyon to the eye catches the absence of one of the team leaders Depay.


Lyon – Lopes, Marcelo, Victor, Dubois, Denier, AWR, Ntombela, Traore, Tuzara, Fekir, Dembele.

Shakhtar Donetsk Pyatov, Kryvtsov, Ismaily, Matvienko, Rakitskiy, Stepanenko, Alan Patrick, Taison, Marlos, Maicon Moraes.